Alkaline Teas

The fact that our modern food today is health destructive is not new to us. But sadly, most of us have gotten used to it and choose to ignore it for convenience. Almost all that are easily found are instant and processed food without nutrients and vitamins that our body demands. Especially because most of us are busy, we fail to assess and take care of our health.

This is also the reason why a lot of people are rapidly gaining weight or becoming obese. One of the biggest contributors to this is our favorite sodas. Soft drinks, artificially flavored juices, and alcohol are fluids that do not do well to your body. They increase acidity and lose your body’s pH balance.

A good substitute to these drinks is teas. Teas are wonderful for the body, and you have a whole lot of choices to enjoy. Teas are natural antioxidants. They are made from the roots, leaves, or other parts of the plants. That is why pure tea is organic and a natural antioxidant. It cleanses the body and contains a lot of nutrients. Teas are already full of good benefits for the human body. What more if these are alkaline teas?

Alkaline teas are teas that have alkalizing effects and help balance the pH level in humans. It balances acid which is one of the primary causes of disease and other health problems. Let us get to know some popular alkaline teas and their health benefits.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is known as relaxing and calming. It comes from the fruit-tasting herb that is sweet and smells good.  Chamomile has alkalizing and anti-inflammatory effects. This herb inhibits breakdown of an inflammatory molecule called arachidonic acid.  Its calming effect to the nervous system will help you relax in stressful moments and allow you to think better, it also has antibacterial effects that fight off pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, staphylococcus and streptococcus.

Green tea

This is one of the most common teas you will find. While black tea is low in its alkalizing benefits, green tea is a very good alkalizing tea. It contains polyphenol antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory benefits. This helps prevent progression of osteoarthritis and prevent the symptoms of it.

Alfalfa tea

Alfalfa is one of the most famous alkalizing foods. As a tea, it offers high nutritional value and a lot of benefits to the body. It is especially good for elderly. First, it is easy to digest and absorb, which is good for compromised digestive systems. Second, alfalfa tea helps manage cholesterol. Cholesterol plaque deposits are reversed and cholesterol levels are reversed. Third, it inhibits macrophages, or white blood cells, attaching to the arteries’ linings.

Red clover tea

And for our last featured drink, we have the alkaline tea called red clover tea. This is good especially if you have a tendency towards infections, inflammatory conditions, and high acidity. And based on research (Gynecological Endocrinology, August 2011), through the flavone contents of the red clove plant, this herb was shown to have characteristics against some types of cancer.

Teas are already body beneficial on its own. Add this to the alkalizing effect, you get a drink that serves as your prevention for a lot of possible sicknesses you might get in our mostly unhealthy food environment today. There are already a lot of diet successful people and their shift to healthy foods have not always been easy. Move away from sodas and artificially flavored unhealthy drinks, and choose to be healthy by appreciating teas. Both hot and cold organic teas let you choose from so many natural flavors. Like the usual drinks we find in convenience stores, a lot of tea shops let you choose between sweet healthy flavors such as peach, rose, lavender, peppermint, and lemon tea.

You can even make your own teas or juices from known alkaline ingredients. If you want to find out more about the many alkaline ingredients around the world, go to and get the Alkaline Gourmet Package. This digital book will introduce you to the many ingredients and foods that are alkaline-forming.

These books will give you recipes that you can use to fulfil your alkaline lifestyle towards healthy habits in eating. These books are written by experts and enthusiasts of the alkaline diet and lifestyle. These books will also surprise you with knowledge on how you can have fun while being healthy.  Did you know that some ice creams are as healthy as alkaline salads? There is still so much for you to find out in choosing the healthy way.

Alkaline Herbs

Have you noticed that while most instant processed food we find in chains are delicious and plainly simple, meals in health shops looks complicated with all the herbs and spices on the plate? That is because herbs and spices are not only flavorings to make food tasty. They are also full of nutrients that add to the healthy value of the meals.

Herbs and spices are organic and natural. They are usually raw to keep the flavor and do their job of adding more taste to dishes and cuisines. And more than that, herbs and plants have been traditionally used for healing and restoration for centuries. We often think of vegetables and fruits as mineral- and nutrition-filled foods that are beneficial to human health. And most of the time, herbs have been underestimated and underrated. But based on research, you will be impressed with the wonders they can do to your body.

Herb specialists say that almost all herbs are alkalizing, especially the “bitter” herbs, which are powerful in balancing the acidity of the body—i.e., your pH level.  In an alkaline lifestyle, they are called alkaline herbs. There are herbs that are especially high in alkalizing benefits.

We will go through some of the most impressive herbs that you cannot miss.

Cayenne pepper

This herb is both beneficial as a food and a medicine. It is used as flavoring and decoration for dishes, or made into capsule form for medical consumption. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can treat pain, headaches, arthritis, and can be a weight loss aid. There has been research conducted, though scientifically unverified, that claims cayenne pepper can be useful against cancer.

Dandelion greens

Some people consider dandelion as a weed but to herbalists, it is highly valued. It is highly alkalizing and has properties that are anti-carcinogenic. It is usually consumed fresh to maximize its healing benefits and alkalizing powers. The roots of the dandelion act as a natural diuretic and are used for treating kidney stones. You can use it to make alkalizing tea or simply add it to salads. The roots are also made into capsules and can be bought as pharmaceuticals with proper prescription.


Just like the previous herbs we mentioned, turmeric is also known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogen properties. Like the other pungent spices, it is highly alkalizing and can be both a food and a medicine. It can also be in liquid extract or powder form. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that turmeric is a good treatment for the following conditions: diabetes, colitis, cancer, arthritis, and atherosclerosis.


Who doesn’t use garlic? This herb is famous worldwide but most people are not aware of its health benefits. So next time, instead of removing it from your meal and setting it aside, why not try to taste a bit. Who knows you might like. Garlic is a superstar in being a natural antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-parasitic and anti-viral. It is best if you consume it fresh. It would be normal, though, if you cannot stand eating it raw. No worries because there are available tablets and capsule forms of it so its health benefits do not just go to waste.

Wheat grass

Young wheat plants are juiced and are used for their medical properties. These plants are called wheat grass—another rich alkaline herb that gives us a list of advantages from what it contains. Health enthusiasts have discovered that it is good to add to smoothies or health drinks. A number of common diseases are claimed to be treated by this herb, including infections, inflammations, bronchitis, gout, common colds, and cancer.

Herbs are usually underestimated. They are usually known to flavor, decorate, and season food. What most of us do not know is the wide range of diseases and sicknesses they can treat. It is valued by medical researchers and diet enthusiasts as much as it is valued by chefs.

If you want to know more about food, drinks, herbs, and goods that are rich in nutrients for a healthy diet, you may visit and see the Alkaline Gourmet Package. An alkaline lifestyle is a lifestyle revolving around balancing the pH level of the human body by consumption of alkaline-forming food. It is combined with stress management, proper diet, and healthy routine to achieve maximum desired results. The Alkaline Gourmet Package is a set of digital books that will introduce you the delicious and fun recipes of different meals, beverages, and desserts you can make using alkaline foods. With this, you will never expect how fun and amazing being healthy is.

Alkaline Vegetables & Beauty

With all the cosmetics taking over the beauty market today, women are going crazy over the latest and most expensive beauty products. Women expect results by spending too much money going with the trend of buying beauty merchandise. Things like hygiene regimens, cosmetic products, and pills all promise beauty. Little do they know that the most effective beauty solution comes from within.

Achieving and maintaining beauty is not only applying creams to your skin. You are most beautiful when your glow comes from the inside, from the food that you eat, from your daily activities, and even your mental state and outlook on life. If these are in their best condition, it will radiate to your appearance. In short, it has a lot to do with your lifestyle.

Ask any health enthusiast and it is impossible for them not to know about an alkaline lifestyle. It is a healthy lifestyle that involves balancing the pH acidity level of a person, which benefits the body in ways you can never imagine.

An important part of alkaline lifestyle is a healthy diet. And as the name says, it is vital that you are on an alkaline diet. While most people think that alkaline foods that are taken by humans are only in the form of water, you will now know that there is a lot more to it. Its benefits are not only in water but in a lot of food types. There are alkaline beverages, alkaline meals, alkaline vegetables, and many more. One of the richest sources of alkaline content is vegetables. In this article, we will go through common vegetables with good alkaline contents.

You will not have problems when it comes to the vegetable family because almost all of them are high in alkalinity. You just have to know some exceptions like Brussel sprouts and white asparagus.


Most of what we think as generally healthy vegetables are alkaline vegetables. This includes dark leafy greens and green leaf food. Most green vegetables are great choices such as:

  • Kale
  • Collards
  • Chard
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Arugula, and many more

Root crops

Most of the root crops also alkalize the body. When it comes to herbs and spices, a lot of them qualify on the list. Also, the edible green tops of some root crops, such as carrots, are on the list. Here are some of the common root crops you may choose from:

  • Carrots
  • Garlic
  • Horseradish
  • Onions
  • Turnips
  • Radishes
  • Potatoes
  • Leeks

Beans and legumes

In the family of beans and legumes, you have to be more mindful. Most of the vegetables belonging to this category are acid-forming. Lentils, peanuts, and chick peas are all acid forming. There are only a few alkaline-forming ones such as:

  • Lima beans
  • Green beans
  • Peas
  • Soy beans

Most dieticians recommend consuming 2 to 3 cups of vegetables each day. This can balance out the acid in the body. The human body is naturally an acid-alkaline combination but it is definitely better to lean on being alkalized. Other alkaline vegetables include: asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, endive, celery, corn, mushrooms, okra, and artichokes.

Whether trying to alkalize the body or not, most people who want to be healthy turn to vegetables. Knowing more is an edge as it lets you maximize the benefits of going with your chosen diet. If you are willing to go the extra mile for your health and body, do not limit yourself in your diet. Make it a lifestyle. Live the life of being healthy.

Ever wonder how people get to enjoy a whole lifestyle of heavy living? It is because they learn and discover that there is a lot more to it. They make extra delicious and mouth-watering dishes out of greens and healthy foods. Most alkaline enthusiasts get their ideas from

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Always remember that diseases love an acidic body. Things like alkaline vegetables are just some of your weapons against it. And literally, your beauty should come from the inside. You are a decision away from wasting your money on cosmetics. Start investing in your body and in your health, and for sure, it will show.

Alkaline Drinks

When we hear the word “alkaline,” we immediately think of alkaline water because it is the most common appreciated alkaline product. Little do we know that alkalinity can also be in other forms of enjoyable and tasty drinks, such as shakes, fruit juices, smoothies, and many more.

Let us do away with the stereotypical belief that “healthy is not tasty.” Nowadays, there are far more ways to enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle than you could ever have thought. Food is no longer limited to raw greens. Drinks are no longer limited to raw extracts.  We can already imagine your reaction the moment you find out about the amazing stuff you can make out of healthy ingredients.

One of the key players in the health industry nowadays is alkalinity. It is now becoming popular as people have started to discover the miracles it can do to human bodies. More energy for your daily activities, lighter body, less vulnerability from diseases, and even weight loss – everything that you would want to have in your system. We are not only taking about short term benefits but long term advantages of alkaline to you. Lessening the rate of body deterioration as you age is just one.

Again, you are not limited to alkaline water. We have a lot of existing recipes of juices, shakes, and smoothies. You are one click away or if you are into it, you can even make your own. For now, let us try to see some easy to follow recipes of alkaline drinks. Most of them use high-alkaline organic fruits as ingredients.

Carrot and lemon juice

This is one of the most common to give you a negative impression. But try it now and you will crave for it before you know.

There are only two ingredients to make this 8oz pure drink:

  • 5 carrots
  • 1 lemon

With cut ends, peel the carrots and the lemon. Using a juicer, extract the fruit juices. And voila! The juice is ready to drink. It is suggested that it be taken immediately for maximum nutrients. The juice loses nutrients and alkalinity if it is stored more than 30 minutes. Nothing beats it fresh, but if you want it cold, what most people do is while juicing, put the cup that catches the juice over a bigger cup that is full of ice so that it cools during the extraction.

Green treat

This second is a creamy treat of greens. You may already think you know how it will taste, but you will never know how good it is until you try it.

The ingredients are:

  • 1 peeled lemon
  • 1 cucumber
  • Broccoli stems
  • Bok choy stems
  • 3-4 inch stems of parsnip
  • Small wedge of cabbage
  • 1 stalk celery
  • Few stems parsley and basil

All these ingredients go into the juicer. When you have your mixed green juice, pour it in a blender before adding the following ingredients:

  • Avocado
  • Small clove garlic
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 1-2 teaspoons of natural soy sauce

This will give you a unique but good tasting creamy green juice. It is best for lunch and dinner and you may even have it as soup in a bowl. With all these ingredients, you will surely have a full bowl of alkaline nutrients. It is best taken immediately but if you wish to cool it, you may as you prefer.


One of the best benefits of alkaline drinks for you is detoxification. They will flush out the toxins in your body giving you a cleaner system and a lighter feeling about your body.

If you are into the more complex or you want to experiment with your alkaline drinks, alkaline recipe books are a good way to do it. If you check out this site:, you will see the many choices you have in creating your own alkaline treats.

The Alkaline Gourmet Package is a set of digital books that gives you access to so many healthy alkaline recipes made by known alkaline and health enthusiasts. Not only will you be guided with recipes, along the way you will learn techniques for making your own. The package also comes with 3 must-have books for making delights and desserts. These bonus books are:

  • Alkaline Italian Delights
  • Gourmet Fruit Ice Creams
  • Natural Juicing Recipes

With these, you are a click away to a delicious alkaline blast. Signature cuisines, ice creams, organic sweets, and many more—you name it—and the gourmet package has it for you.

You see, an alkaline lifestyle is a big world of fun experiments and healthy options. You just have to take the first step to it. And making simple alkaline drinks is one good start.

Alkaline Food Chart

Of course you will agree that almost everything nowadays is instant. That includes the food that we eat on a daily basis. Restaurants, food chains, convenience stores, and street stalls—name it and almost all of those that we can easily find are instant and processed foods. It is so common, which is why most of us think that it is okay. But it’s not. Food is one of the main causes of energy drainage, vulnerability to diseases, and most of all, obesity. But always remember that you have a choice. You can choose another way. You can choose to be healthy. Of course, it requires effort. But with the right mindset, a healthier lifestyle is not impossible.

One of the rising lifestyles that the world is starting to recognize today is called the alkaline lifestyle. An alkaline lifestyle involves aspects that are necessary to build a positive life. Working from the inside out to radiate positivity, it includes proper diet, mental conditioning, and awareness of your environment.

It is called the alkaline lifestyle because alkalinity plays a great role in giving you a correct lifestyle. Most people only know of alkaline water. Well, we also have other alkaline drinks, alkaline teas, herbs, vegetables and a lot more.  All of these comprise what we call an alkaline food chart.

An alkaline food chart is a guide for all those who want to go further with their quest in being healthy. It is a chart that contains food with their corresponding amount of alkaline content. Alkalinity balances the acidity of the body. The higher the alkaline content of the food, the better it benefits your body. It is your guide to the right foods to eat and the foods to avoid. It simplifies how food works in your body and is just what you need to get started on your journey.

Common alkaline food charts are east to understand. They categorize the food that are best taken often, moderately, and rarely.

Some alkaline food charts are made for you to see your preferred food and its content. It categorizes the type of foods such as fruits, meat, vegetables, nuts, beverages, grains, fish, etc., with their corresponding alkaline content. These are the charts that will let you mix and match the food that you like in a way so that you are aware of your choices. This way, you can choose what you like and be healthy at the same time.

Most of you may think that being healthy means saying goodbye to tasty food. That is a big “no.” Don’t forget that you can be healthy and have good food at the same time. It is a matter of knowing your sources and having the right tools. Just like how usually cook, you can do the same in your alkaline lifestyle.

If you are into exploring dishes and cuisines, this will surely be an exciting experience for you to discover new things or make on your own. One thing that will surely help you is: The Alkaline Gourmet Package. It is a set of books containing recipes of well-researched dishes that are not only delicious but super healthy and beneficial. The books included in the package are:

  • Alkaline Meal Plans Recipes
  • Alkaline Salad Gourmet
  • Alkaline Avocado Delights
  • Alkaline Green Smoothies

Aside from these, there are also books for alkalized desserts and many more. You may check this site for more info:

From meals, to desserts, to dishing styles, and juices, all of these are covered by this all-in-one package. It has step-by-step detailed instructions on how to cook, and all the details you will need to get your mouth-watering, healthy meals.

Things like alkaline food charts and recipe books are just some things that will help and guide you get started with your alkaline journey. Along the way, you will start to get used to it and discover that there is so much more in this lifestyle. Then, you can start with the other aspects such as exercise, social interaction, stress management, which will complete your alkaline lifestyle.

One day, your body will thank you for your slow-but-sure efforts and steps towards a better way of living. For now, you can take baby steps by starting to study your alkaline food chart and slowly change your daily foods bit by bit. One day, you will be surprised with how this lifestyle has transformed you and your future self.

Alkaline Fruit Chart

When it comes to fruits, we immediately think that everything is perfectly nutritious. Right! Fruits are our savior the moment we decide to do away with unhealthy instant food. Compared to vegetables, fruits are more colorful and well, tasty for many. They are light and just a pick away, just like your favorite chips.

Although this is how many people see it, fruits are categorized into different families. They may be all nutritious but they serve different benefits to the human body. And if you know have knowledge on this, you will know the right fruits that your body needs to achieve the best state.

In an alkaline lifestyle, fruits are eaten to balance the alkalinity and acidity of the person’s body. The goal is to achieve balance. And while most of us are undeniably acidic, we are encouraged to consume fruits that are high in alkalinity or alkaline-forming properties. Dieticians are guided by charts like the alkaline fruit chart. This chart will help you know the corresponding alkalinity or acidity of fruits. It categorizes the fruits so it is easier to know if the fruit that you want is acidic or alkaline-forming.

There are different kinds of diet charts. The most common is a food chart that contains different types of foods. This already includes meat, vegetables, herbs, beverages, and fruits. There are also focused charts like alkaline fruit charts which divides the types of fruits. Because not all fruits are best taken always, an alkaline fruit chart is an easy-to-follow guide that tells you what fruits are best consumed often, moderately, sometimes, and what fruits to avoid.

In our aim to increase the alkaline in our body to balance acidity, we prefer to consume the right fruits. There are fruits that are high in alkalinity such as:

  • Avocado
  • Fresh lemon
  • Limes
  • Tomatoes

These are key player fruits that should always be in your meals. It means it is good to eat a lot of them in your daily meals. On the other hand, some fruits are better taken moderately. These fruits are good for cleansing and they include:

  • Ripe and unripe banana
  • Sour cherry
  • Fresh coconut
  • Watermelon
  • Red currant

Because we unconsciously consume foods that increase the acidity of our body, we are unaware of the bad effects it does to us. We usually appreciate being healthy after we experience sicknesses that make us realize how important it is to take care of our body and remain strong. When we are highly acidic, we become prone to:

Upset stomach

Your appetite may be affected by feeling nauseated or feel like vomiting from time to time. Until the condition is resolved, the intensity of pain increases and persists.

Headache, weakness, or fatigue

The oxygen that the vital organs in our body need may be blocked by high acid levels. This causes your muscles to feel weak and may not be able to cope with your daily activities. In the long run, this may complicate your condition if are hospitalized because of a different sickness.

Breathing difficulties

High acid levels may cause breathing difficulties. It either becomes faster or deeper. Faster breathing may lead to dizziness.


As has been mentioned above, acidity may slow down the oxygen that goes through your body including your brain. Worst cases affect the way people think and cause confusion or anxiety.

Extreme levels of acidity in the body are diagnosed as acidosis. The two major forms of acidosis are: metabolic acidosis that usually occurs when there is too much acid in the body and respiratory acidosis when there is so much carbon dioxide in the body.

All of these are health conditions a lot of us today are prone to because of the food we eat.  But on the other hand, we can always choose to avoid them and be healthy. Fruits are always a treat that we can pick anytime. But sometimes, when we look for more kinds of food, we don’t easily find healthy ones so we end up with fast foods.

This is not a problem if you know the many recipes and combinations you can have fun doing while being healthy. Dieticians get a lot of ideas at They have the Alkaline Gourmet Package, which is a set of digital books that teache you a lot of recipes covering cuisines, meal plans, smoothies, drinks, and many more things you can do with healthy ingredients. If you have this, you will never be clueless about the next healthy meal you want to make for yourself.

What Is an Alkaline Lifestyle?

More are now getting curious about an alkaline lifestyle. This rising star in the health industry is winning over a lot of people who are just amazed with the wonders that a good lifestyle can do to you. Nowadays, the fast pace of everything makes it so easy for us to be unhealthy.

It is because a lot of modern food is unhealthy. Thus, a lot of people suffer from diseases and obesity. If you are one of those who usually feels tired before the day ends, or have a slow metabolism, this lifestyle can greatly help you.

People who usually turn from being health unconscious into an alkaline dieter experience these common changes:

  • More energy throughout the day
  • Metabolism is faster and with regular waste discharge
  • Natural weight loss
  • Less vulnerability to sickness
  • Stronger immune system to fight diseases

No, it is not too good to be true because it is really possible with the right lifestyle. Now, what is an alkaline lifestyle? How can it help you?

An alkaline lifestyle is mainly balancing the acidity of your body. Acidity is one that attracts diseases. So balance is necessary and the most effective way to do that is through alkaline foods. Contrary to what people think that water is the only alkaline substance, you can find so many enjoyable alkaline foods and drinks.

Combine this with proper exercise, stress management, and adequate rest, and you are surely doing yourself a big favor. Now that you know what an alkaline diet is, you may want to try it for yourself.

Let us face it, adopting a whole new lifestyle is not easy. But it wouldn’t hurt if we start small by trying to include some good foods in our daily meals. Here are 4 usual foods you encounter that are good alkaline/alkaline-forming foods. You can try to include these in your daily meals until such time that everything you eat is alkaline-beneficial to your body.

Root vegetables

Traditional Chinese medicine considers root vegetables as “yang,” or the active and positive force. They are some of the most nutritious foods with enough minerals that are great for the human body. Some of these are turnips, beets, carrots, rutabaga, horseradish, black/red/white radishes. Plus, these vegetables can be eaten after 15-20 minutes of steaming. It will not only satisfy you but will make you better grounded and satiated.

Cruciferous vegetables

These are the vegetables we usually enjoy with sauce and pesto. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts are rich alkaline-forming vegetables that are helpful to your metabolism. As long as your sauce is homemade healthy, your Italian treat is a healthy go.

Green leaves

Leafy greens are great for digestion. They speed up your metabolism and make it more effective. This set includes Swiss chard, turnip greens, kale, and the ace of the team—spinach. These greens are rich in Vitamin K and folate. Spinach is on top when it comes to minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and fiber.  And these are all foods for your eyes. These green leaves are good for both digestion and vision.


This last food is among the top ones in the rank of alkalizing fruits and vegetables it is not new to us that lemons are used as natural disinfectant. It heals wounds, acts as an immediate relief for hyperacidity, and it can treat common colds such as flu, cough, and even heartburn.

Many also use lemon for detoxification. And by simply putting some slices in your pitcher, you are already helping your system clean itself.

Wrapping it all up

You may be a kid no more, but remember your mom telling you to “eat your vegetables”? She is on point. Eating your vegetables is one big step to really living the meaning of what an alkaline diet is. It is your first step to achieving a lifestyle that might change a lot of things in your life.

Vegetables won’t seem like vegetables if you know how to make them fun. The site Alkaline Cook, provides you access to a set of digital books called the Alkaline Gourmet Package. It is a package of recipe books that will teach you how to make healthy food fun and exciting.

If you think that an alkaline lifestyle is unachievable, you are wrong. The recipe books you will get from the site above will make you realize the wonderful, mouth-watering, tasty world of alkaline food. After eating these recipes and learning more about how to cook healthy, you’ll never want to go back to the old unhealthy ways.

If you ask what an alkaline lifestyle is, it is a lifestyle everybody wishes to have. Healthy life is surely a happy life.