Alkaline Food Chart


Of course you will agree that almost everything nowadays is instant. That includes the food that we eat on a daily basis. Restaurants, food chains, convenience stores, and street stalls—name it and almost all of those that we can easily find are instant and processed foods. It is so common, which is why most of us think that it is okay. But it’s not. Food is one of the main causes of energy drainage, vulnerability to diseases, and most of all, obesity. But always remember that you have a choice. You can choose another way. You can choose to be healthy. Of course, it requires effort. But with the right mindset, a healthier lifestyle is not impossible.

One of the rising lifestyles that the world is starting to recognize today is called the alkaline lifestyle. An alkaline lifestyle involves aspects that are necessary to build a positive life. Working from the inside out to radiate positivity, it includes proper diet, mental conditioning, and awareness of your environment.

It is called the alkaline lifestyle because alkalinity plays a great role in giving you a correct lifestyle. Most people only know of alkaline water. Well, we also have other alkaline drinks, alkaline teas, herbs, vegetables and a lot more.  All of these comprise what we call an alkaline food chart.

An alkaline food chart is a guide for all those who want to go further with their quest in being healthy. It is a chart that contains food with their corresponding amount of alkaline content. Alkalinity balances the acidity of the body. The higher the alkaline content of the food, the better it benefits your body. It is your guide to the right foods to eat and the foods to avoid. It simplifies how food works in your body and is just what you need to get started on your journey.

Common alkaline food charts are east to understand. They categorize the food that are best taken often, moderately, and rarely.

Some alkaline food charts are made for you to see your preferred food and its content. It categorizes the type of foods such as fruits, meat, vegetables, nuts, beverages, grains, fish, etc., with their corresponding alkaline content. These are the charts that will let you mix and match the food that you like in a way so that you are aware of your choices. This way, you can choose what you like and be healthy at the same time.

Most of you may think that being healthy means saying goodbye to tasty food. That is a big “no.” Don’t forget that you can be healthy and have good food at the same time. It is a matter of knowing your sources and having the right tools. Just like how usually cook, you can do the same in your alkaline lifestyle.

If you are into exploring dishes and cuisines, this will surely be an exciting experience for you to discover new things or make on your own. One thing that will surely help you is: The Alkaline Gourmet Package. It is a set of books containing recipes of well-researched dishes that are not only delicious but super healthy and beneficial. The books included in the package are:

  • Alkaline Meal Plans Recipes
  • Alkaline Salad Gourmet
  • Alkaline Avocado Delights
  • Alkaline Green Smoothies

Aside from these, there are also books for alkalized desserts and many more. You may check this site for more info:

From meals, to desserts, to dishing styles, and juices, all of these are covered by this all-in-one package. It has step-by-step detailed instructions on how to cook, and all the details you will need to get your mouth-watering, healthy meals.

Things like alkaline food charts and recipe books are just some things that will help and guide you get started with your alkaline journey. Along the way, you will start to get used to it and discover that there is so much more in this lifestyle. Then, you can start with the other aspects such as exercise, social interaction, stress management, which will complete your alkaline lifestyle.

One day, your body will thank you for your slow-but-sure efforts and steps towards a better way of living. For now, you can take baby steps by starting to study your alkaline food chart and slowly change your daily foods bit by bit. One day, you will be surprised with how this lifestyle has transformed you and your future self.

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