Alkaline Diet Recipes


alkaline-lifestyleThe alkaline lifestyle is indeed starting to gain popularity these days. If you want to know more about it, then you are at the right place. We will now find out what makes this lifestyle different from those we are used to, and why people are starting to get curious about it. Now, let’s get to learning what this is all about.

What Is an alkaline lifestyle?

An alkaline lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle that revolves around the man idea of balancing the alkalinity-acidity level of the human body. All creatures are both alkaline-acidic. But as for humans, we should be leaning towards being alkalized.

An alkaline lifestyle aims to balance the lifestyle of a person through the combination of proper diet, correct stress management, regular exercise, and a healthy life disposition. All of these yield to the better physical and mental condition of a person.

A huge part of an alkaline lifestyle is the alkaline diet. As they say, “we are what we eat,” and the food that we eat everyday serves as our fuel that gives us energy and keeps us running throughout the day. To simply say it, if we eat poorly, we perform poorly. And if we eat healthily, we perform healthily.

That is why we need to be aware of what we eat. Especially nowadays, almost everything that television commercials and stores offer are processed food without enough of the nutrients that our bodies demand.  As has become common, we become unaware of how we feed ourselves with unhealthy food that is probably harmful to our health.

The alkaline diet

The alkaline diet is your key to achieving a healthier you. When we talk about “healthy,” we immediately jump to thinking of plain greens, boring vegetables, and bland fruits. What you do not know is that there is so much to eating healthy. It is just as much fun as the normal food adventure. You can do so many things as soon as you are in the right place with the right stuff that will help you. All you need is the right recipe.

Your number one partner in making this journey fun and worth it is the Alkaline Gourmet Package. Dieticians are never bored with the food they eat because they explore with it.

They do a lot with what they know. And they know a lot because of these digital books that contains everything you need to start your alkaline lifestyle right. If you check Alkaline Cook, you will find recipe books that will teach you your first home-made healthy meal. The package contains:

  • The Enhanced Alkaline Meal Plan Recipes
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These cookbooks will help you learn that there are a wide range of choices in this diet. It contains the alkaline diet recipes you cannot resist. These recipes are not only for food meals, they teach you how to make desserts, smoothies, different alkaline juices, desserts, and even ice cream.

Here, we will get to know the different alkaline choices we have. We will go through the helpful alkaline charts and ingredients that will help us create the perfect alkaline diet recipes. Let us start off with another guide that will simplify the facts for you—the alkaline food chart.

Alkaline food chart

The basic thing that you have to remember in your diet is that when choosing food, the higher the alkalinity of the food, the better it is for your body. The alkaline food chart is a guide to all those who want to go further in their quest in living healthily.

It is a chart that contains foods with their corresponding amount of alkaline content. Alkalinity balances the acidity of the body. Again, the higher the alkaline content of the food, the better it benefits your body.

It is your guide to the right foods to eat and the foods to avoid. It simplifies how food works in your body and is just what you need to get started with your journey.

Common alkaline food charts are east to understand. They categorize the foods that are best taken often, moderately, rarely, and not at all.

Some alkaline food charts are made for you to see your preferred food and its content. They categorize the type of foods such as fruits, meat, vegetables, nuts, beverages, grains, fish, etc., with their corresponding alkaline content.

These are the charts that will let you mix and match the foods you like in a way that you are aware of your choices. This way, you can choose what you like and be healthy at the same time. The digital cookbooks in the Alkaline Gourmet Package will teach you alkaline recipes from simple to complex, and you will see how the foods in the charts are being used.

For meals that are good for everyday consumption, most ingredients are of the green category in the chart, and so on.

Alkaline fruit chart

When we think of fruits, we immediately think of everything as nutritious. That is correct but even fruits best serve their purpose when taken in the right amount. There are fruits that are best taken every day and in every meal possible, and there are those that are better if taken moderately. When it comes to fruits, what will guide you is the alkaline fruit chart.

In our aim to increase the alkaline in our bodies to ward off acidity, we need to consume the right fruits. There are fruits that are high in alkalinity such as:

  • Avocado
  • Fresh lemon
  • Limes
  • Tomatoes

They are key-player fruits that should always be in our meals. A lot of alkaline diet recipes from the Alkaline Gourmet Package have these fruits to go with a breakfast meal plan. It means it is good to eat a lot of them in your daily meals. On the other hand, some fruits are better taken moderately. These fruits are good for cleansing and they include:

  • Ripe and unripe banana
  • Sour cherry
  • Fresh coconut
  • Watermelon
  • Red currant

Unlike other food types, there is nothing to avoid in the fruits family. Fruits are filled with vitamins and minerals that have always been beneficial to us.

Alkaline vegetables

Like fruits, vegetables also have varying levels of alkalinity. Vegetables are a very rich source of alkaline-forming properties, and other vitamins and minerals. There are very few exceptions, but it is true that “with vegetables, you can never go wrong.”


The majority of what we think of as generally healthy vegetables are alkaline vegetables. This includes dark leafy greens and green leaf food. Most green vegetables are great choices such as:

  • Kale
  • Collards
  • Chard
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Arugula

Root crops

Most of the root crops also alkalize the body. When it comes to herbs and spices, a lot of them qualify on the list. Also, edible greens top of some root crops such as carrot tops, etc. Here are some of the common root crops you may choose from:

  • Carrot
  • Garlic
  • Horseradish
  • Onions
  • Turnips
  • Radishes
  • Potatoes
  • Leeks

Beans and legumes

In the family of beans and legumes, you have to be more alert. Most of the vegetables belonging to this category are acid-forming. Lentils, peanuts, and chick peas are all acid forming. There are only a few alkaline-forming ones such as:

  • Lima beans
  • Green beans
  • Peas
  • Soy beans

The recommended amount of most dieticians is to consume 2 to 3 cups of vegetables each day. This can balance out the acid in the body. The human body is naturally an acid-alkaline combination, but it is definitely better to lean toward being alkaline. Other alkaline vegetables include: asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, endives, celery, corn, mushrooms, okra, and artichokes.

Alkaline herbs

Herbs and spices are organic and natural. They are usually raw to keep the flavor and do its job of adding more taste to dishes and cuisines. And more than that, herbs and plants have been traditionally used for healing and restoration for centuries.

We often think of vegetables and fruits as mineral and nutrition-filled foods that are beneficial to human health. And most of the time, herbs have been underestimated and underrated. But based on research, you will be impressed with the wonders they can do to your body.

Herb specialists say that almost all herbs are alkalizing, especially the “bitter” herbs, which are powerful in neutralizing the acidity of the body and helping balance your pH level.  In an alkaline lifestyle, they are called alkaline herbs. There are herbs that are especially high in their alkalizing benefits.

Young wheat plants are juiced and are used for medical activities and development. These plants are called wheat grass—another rich alkaline herb that gives us a list of advantages. Health enthusiasts have discovered that it is good to add to smoothies or health drinks. People claim a number of common diseases can be treated by this herb, including infections, inflammation, bronchitis, gout, common cold, and cancer.

Herbs are usually underestimated. People think they just flavor, decorate, and season food. What most do not know is the wide range of diseases and sicknesses they can treat. They ae valued by medical researchers and diet enthusiasts as much as they are valued by chefs.

Alkaline drinks

Now that we have gone through the food types, we will see what alkaline treat there are in drinks.

When we hear the word “alkaline,” we immediately think of alkaline water because it is the most commonly appreciated product which is alkaline. Little do we know that alkalinity can also be found in other forms of enjoyable and tasty drinks—they can be in shakes, fruit juices, smoothies, and many more.

Again, you are not limited to alkaline water. We have a lot of existing alkaline diet recipes for juices, shakes, and smoothies. You are one click away or if you are into it, you can even make your own. For now, let us explore some easy-to-follow recipes for alkaline drinks. Most of them use high-alkaline organic fruits as ingredients.

One of the best benefits of alkaline drinks is detoxification. They will flush out the toxins in your body giving you a cleaner system and a lighter feeling about your body.

Alkaline teas

Soda and flavored beverages have always been attractive. But if you know how harmful they are to your body, you would want to leave it right away.

A good substitute to artificially flavored drinks are teas. Teas are wonderful for the body. And you have a whole lot of choices to enjoy. Teas are natural antioxidants. They is made from the roots, leaves, or other parts of plants. That is why pure tea is organic and a natural antioxidant. They cleanse the body and contains a lot of nutrients. Teas are already full of good stuff for the human body.

Alkaline teas are teas that have alkalizing effects and help balance the pH level in humans. It counterbalances acid, which is one of the primary causes of disease and other health problems. Let us get to know some popular alkaline teas and their health benefits.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is known as relaxing and calming. It comes from the fruit-tasting herb that is sweet and smells good. Chamomile has alkalizing and anti-inflammatory effects. This herb inhibits the breakdown of an inflammatory molecule called arachidonic acid.

Its calming effect to the nervous system will help you relax in stressful moments and allows you to think better, it also has antibacterial effects that fight off pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, staphylococcus, and streptococcus.

Green tea

This is one of the most common teas you will find. While black tea is low in its alkalizing benefits, green tea is a very good alkalizing tea. It contains polyphenol antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory benefits. This helps prevent progression of osteoarthritis and prevent the symptoms of it.

Alfalfa tea

Alfalfa is one of the most famous alkalizing ingredients. As a tea it offers high nutritional value and a lot of benefits for the body. It is especially good for the elderly. First, it is easy to digest and absorb, which is good for compromised digestive system. Second, alfalfa tea helps manage cholesterol. Cholesterol plaque deposits are reversed and cholesterol levels are reversed. Third, it inhibits macrophages or white blood cells attaching to the arteries’ linings.

Red clover tea

And for our last featured drink, we have the alkaline tea called red clover tea. This is good especially if you have a tendency towards infections, inflammatory conditions, and high acidity. And based on research (Gynecological Endocrinology, August 2011), through the flavone contents of the red clove plant, this herb was shown to have characteristics against some types of cancer.

Teas are already body beneficial on their own. Add this to the alkalizing effect, you get a drink that serves as your prevention against a lot of possible sicknesses you might get in our mostly unhealthy food environment today. From soda and artificially flavored unhealthy drinks, you can choose to be healthy by appreciating teas.

Both hot and cold organic teas let you choose from so many natural-flavors. Like the usual drinks we find in convenience stores, a lot of tea shops let you choose between sweet healthy flavors such as peach, rose, lavender, peppermint, and lemon tea.


All of these and many more are foods and drinks that will fulfil your alkaline diet. Some of you may be so new to dieting and a healthy lifestyle and you may think that you haven’t a clue as how to do it. Or you may think that it is better to just buy from shops. What you find in health shops is good, but they may be limited and it may cost you a lot of money if you buy them all the time.

As long as you have the Alkaline Gourmet Package and cookbooks at home, you can start doing it on your own. Not only will you save money, you will also get to learn and enjoy the lifestyle that you want to live in. Alkaline diet recipes are not limited to shops or cookbooks. With the right ingredients, you can actually mix and match and try and do whatever you like. The only limitation to this is your imagination.